What is a Tamaruke?

The Tamaruke is a unique breed of dog which has been Professionally, Selectively and lovingly developed for suitability as a Companion pet and Therapy Dog. (subject to training standards)

The Tamaruke has been selectively developed for consistency and suitability – and not for the Show Ring to compete for ribbons.

The Breed Standard – Loyal,  intuitive and trainable temperament, non-shedding Fleece coat which demonstrates no typical “doggy Odour”, Hypoallergenic and easy maintenance

The Tamaruke’s friendly temperament and natural intelligence make them ideal family, therapy and assistance dogs.

Our Belief is that a dog should be suitable as a companion and be bred to the highest standard possible as a human companion – not bred to compete for ribbons in a show ring

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The Tamaruke Team

We’re a family owned and operated business, located on 27 acres in the beautiful Hunter Valley, and we’ve been purpose-breeding and developing our beautiful Tamarukes for almost 30 years.

At Ellington – our dedicated team is constantly setting new standards in ethical breeding and care.

We are proudly licensed to operate a veterinary clinic on-site, and we do this to ensure we offer our dogs and puppies the very best of health care and expertise and we can assure the public that our vet oversees our standards and facilities.

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Tamaruke Community

We welcome you to join our Tamaruke community via either our Facebook group or coming to one of our regular Doodle Romp days.

At Tamaruke we also believe in giving back to the wider community, which is why we co-founded the amazing not-for profit charity, TALOODLES.
We proudly donate many of our puppies and invest time and money into training therapy, assistance and companion dogs.

And as part of our ongoing lifetime of support and advice for our Tamaruke community, we also provide the option of additional obedience training via independent recommended experienced trainers whom offer many years of experience and expertise

We also send our gorgeous Tamaruke puppies to many countries in Asia.  Shipping your Tamaruke puppy overseas is an easy and seamless process, and we utilise the services of professional, world class pet-shipping agents.  Learn More

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Core Values


Unique quality and character, developed over almost 30 years of breeding

Core Values


Friendly, loyal and intuitive temperament, naturally intelligent and easy to train

Core Values


The non-shedding coat is easily maintained and hypo-allergenic

Core Values


A Special breed with non-shedding coat

Core Values


A loving, loyal nature -ideal family, therapy and assistance dogs (subject to training standards)


Three questions you should ask before you buy a puppy

When you’re trying to decide where to find your new puppy, there are a number of breeders to choose from and an abundance of glossy websites to trawl through. So how do you tell if a breeder is reputable or not? Why you should avoid backyard breeders A backyard breeder or someone who is only in it for a quick buck will ultimately create heartache for you…

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How to train your Tamaruke puppy

Tamaruke puppies are one of the most rewarding breeds for pet owners. They are affectionate, gentle and just plain adorable – not to mention full of energy and naturally intelligent. Their loving temperament makes them an ideal pet and especially perfect to interact with children. All of these traits also make them eager to learn and wonderful candidates for obedience training.

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What does the unique Tamaruke look like?

Part of the wide appeal of our Tamarukes is the huge variety of colours and sizes of this stunning breed. However, regardless of size and colour, all of our Tamarukes are purpose-bred to share the same unique qualities. They are highly sought after for their allergy-friendly coats, intelligence and loving personalities.

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Make an Enquiry

Tamaruke – The Breed to suit every need !!

If you are interested in owning a Tamaruke, in the first instance please complete and submit the form here. We will review your enquiry and be in touch as soon as possible with regards to the availability of a puppy that fits your requirements.

The more flexible you are, the less time you will likely need to wait for a suitable Tamaruke to be available. Please also remember certain conditions apply for dogs provided on the Guardian breeding program.

We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley close to Branxton and welcome inspections and puppy viewing by appointment only.

Detailed driving instructions can be provided upon request.

0438 683 082