What does the unique Tamaruke look like?

What does the unique Tamaruke look like?

Posted by Tamaruke on June 6, 2017

Part of the wide appeal of our Tamarukes is the huge variety of colours and sizes of this stunning breed. However, regardless of size and colour, all of our Tamarukes are purpose-bred to share the same unique qualities. They are highly sought after for their allergy-friendly coats, intelligence and loving personalities.

Tamaruke sizes

The Tamaruke can grow to three slightly varying sizes. The three main sizes are the miniature Tamaruke which can grow to 42 centimetres, the medium Tamaruke which can reach a height of 52 centimetres, and the standard Tamaruke who can grow anywhere from 53-60 centimetres tall.

And now we also have a fourth option: our beautiful little Paddy Melon Tamaruke, ideal for owners with small homes.

What is a Paddy Melon Tamaruke?

Here at Tamaruke we are proud to be the only breeders who also offer the Paddy Melon variation; this beautiful little dog is purposefully bred to be the smallest Australian labradoodle, at only 25-27 centimetres in height. We concentrate on the red and parti-colouring to ensure that these Tamarukes are really something special.

The Paddy Melon Tamaruke still features all the best qualities of a Tamaruke. The perfect combination of the loving, loyal nature combined with a low-allergy coat.

Paddy Melon Tamarukes are naturally intelligent and have a predisposition to being easily trained. They are also very active dogs with docile temperaments, which make them the perfect family pet.

Paddy Melons are not just another “toy dog” or miniature crossbreed. These one-of-a-kind Tamarukes are special little dogs with huge personalities!

Colours and coats

Tamarukes generally come in two coat types: the fleece coat and the curly. Fleece-coated Tamarukes display a loose curl or wave and are non-shedding. The curly-coated Tamaruke (sometimes also referred to as a wool coat) displays a tighter curl that sits closer to the body and is also non-shedding.

There are also a large number of colour variations available in the Tamaruke. These dogs can have black, chalk, cream, gold, red and chocolate coats, which, it is important to note, should be an even colour throughout. Also available is caramel, café, apricot and phantom, all of which can have varying pigments in the coat.

A parti-coat can be any colour patched with a white variation.

Which Tamaruke is right for you?

No matter the size or colouring, our Tamaruke puppies’ temperament is always consistent and kind, growing into loyal, family-friendly dogs displaying longevity and hybrid vigour.

As with any family pet, it is imperative to always purchase your dog from an ethical, respected breeder to ensure you are getting a true Australian Tamaruke with the correct colouring, health standards and temperaments.

When purchasing puppies from Tamaruke you can expect a well-socialised and confident puppy with genetic strength.

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