Our Team

At Ellington, we’re a family owned and operated business, located on 27 acres in the beautiful Hunter Valley, and we’ve been purpose breeding and developing our beautiful Tamarukes for almost 30 years now.

The Tamaruke is a breed in its own right, renowned for their loving, loyal nature, low-allergy, non-shedding coat, no doggy odour, friendly and intuitive temperament, natural intelligence, and ability to be easily trained.

But developing a breed as strong as this doesn’t just happen overnight.

Developing the perfect family companion

Developing the perfect family companion

“We were originally breeders of Australian stock horses and beef cattle,” says Tamaruke founder, Charlotte McGrath.

“But then the extreme drought of 1992 occurred and we also discovered our son, Luke, was allergic to horses.

So in 1993 we decided to try breeding dogs as well. And the rest, as they say, was history!

We did a huge amount of research on how to breed a better dog. We wanted to develop the potential of this breed, and develop a line of dogs that were consistent in quality, temperament and characteristics.

We insisted on doing things correctly from the very beginning and we now export to over 22 countries and breed to provide for our waiting list.

Our Tamarukes are now a breed in their own right. And it is by far the most perfect family companion to have been developed in modern time.” We do not strive to have The Tamaruke Breed competing in a Show Ring to win Blue Ribbons – we intentionally and professionally developed this breed for suitability as a companion Pet and Therapy Dog.

Meet Team Tamaruke

Here at Ellington we have a unique and balanced team which is made up of family members as well as loyal and loving staff who feel like family too.

Everyone on Team Tamaruke is passionate about animals, professional in their role and dedicated to this wonderfully unique breed of dog.

Charlotte McGrath

Charlotte McGrath

Founder, Owner and CEO

Charlotte is the founder of Tamaruke and the Developer of this very special breed.

Charlotte has dedicated the last 28 years of her life to breeding and developing the unique characteristics of the Tamaruke.

Charlotte is the face of Tamaruke and is still just as passionate about this breed as she was over 28 years ago. Charlotte still oversees every aspect of the Tamaruke brand.

“I take great pride in dealing personally with all of our clients, ensuring we deliver outstanding dogs to suit our clients’ needs, as well as finding all of our companion puppies and Guardian puppies the forever family they deserve.

At Ellington we are constantly setting new standards in breeding and care. We are proudly licensed to operate a Veterinary Clinic on-site, and we do this to ensure we offer our dogs and puppies the very best of health care and expertise.

Our extensive Guardian Program ensures all of our breeding dogs receive the love and devotion of their own family for their entire lives and are not housed in kennels for their short breeding career.”

Charlotte also co-founded the charity, TALDOODLES, and has been instrumental in the development and training of Tamaruke’s therapy, assistance and comfort dogs.

“The thing I’m probably the most proud of here at Ellington is , TALOODLES, and how our Tamarukes are being trained therapy, assistance and comfort dogs have profoundly changed the lives of so many special needs children.”

Charlotte also enjoys spending time with her close-knit family and friends, swimming at the beach and looking after her grandchildren all the while enjoying the company of her very own Tamarukes.

Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath

Owner and Director

Charlotte’s husband, Mark, is the go-to for all things maintenance and building. His wonderful ability to design things and create them is evident to all who visit Tamaruke’s beautiful 40 acre property – Ellington – in the Hunter Valley.

Mark is also totally hands on in the business, working behind the scenes at Ellington to look after all the puppies and dogs, as well as the buildings and grounds, and showing clients around the property.

When Mark’s not running Ellington, he can be found enjoying spending time with his children and grandchildren, fishing, building, surfing or kayaking.

Luke McGrath and Tamara Ward

Luke McGrath and Tamara Ward

Business Consultant and Administration

Both of Charlotte and Mark’s children, Luke McGrath and Tamara Ward, have been part of Tamaruke since they were very young. Not only did they grow up at Tamaruke, but the business was actually named after them!

Luke and Tamara are still an integral part of Tamaruke, with Luke acting as business consultant and Tamara working behind the scenes in administration and organisation.

When not working at Ellington, Luke and Tamara can be found spending time with families of their own.

Monique Buckley

Monique Buckley

General Manager

Monique – our amazing General Manager – is a great organiser and ensures the  operation runs like clockwork on a day to day basis. Monique is the Glue that holds us all together

She coordinates all aspects of the business including the running of the Tamaruke Guardian Program – ensuring staff, the dogs and their owners are all in the right place at the right time.

As Monique says, “It really is my dream job! and Monique really is our dream Manager 🙂



Assistant Manager

Danielle oversees the kennel hands and assists the General Manager, Monique. Danielle will always have a smile on her face and is dedicated to her work and the animals in our care.

Chris McClelland

Chris McClelland

Vet Surgeon

We are the only breeder in the world to have an on site veterinary hospital and our own private vet – Dr. Chris McClelland.

Dr Chris is a licensed New South Wales veterinarian with his own clinic in Hamilton but is also on call for Tamaruke 24/7.

He administers all vaccinations and undertakes microchipping as well as de-sexing (all non-breeding) puppies on site.

Being on call also means he is available to assist Guardian dogs with birthing when its time to bring more Tamarukes into the world, as well as for other surgical procedures that may be required from time to time.

The level of care all our Tamarukes receive is exceptional and you can be assured you are receiving a puppy that has been bred ethically and is fit and healthy.

Sam, Bree, Jane, Lauren, Ali

Kennel Hands

Our kennel hands are integral members of the Tamaruke team, looking after our Guardian mums when they return to Tamaruke to give birth, as well as caring for their newborn puppies.

They ensure that every Guardian mum and their puppies receives plenty of tender loving care. As well as being responsible for all of their daily care and feeding needs, their daily interaction also plays a very important role in the early socialisation of the puppies.