We now ship our Australian bred Tamaruke puppies to Asia.

We now ship our Australian bred Tamaruke puppies to Asia.

Are you living in Asia and looking for a puppy that …

  • Does not shed hair?
  • Has NO odour?
  • Has a soft, gentle temperament?
  • Is easy to train and compliant?
  • Can be trained to therapy levels?
  • Is Australian bred?
  • Can be shipped to Asia simply and professionally?

Tamarukes are a unique breed, and they are the perfect family companion.

We’ve been purpose breeding and developing generations of our beautiful Tamarukes for almost 30 years.

Why ship an Australian bred pedigree Tamaruke to Asia?

Why ship an Australian bred pedigree Tamaruke to Asia?

Tamarukes are sweet, intuitive and non-aggressive.  

They have beautiful non-shedding coats so your carpets, couches and furniture remain clean and free of fine hairs … and allergy sufferers remain healthy and allergy-free.

The Tamaruke breed is the perfect family companion, and unlike other breeds, Tamarukes are known for their consistency in type, temperament, non-shedding allergy friendly coat and genetic strength.

Tamarukes travel well, and to help with their journey they are exposed to sounds and smells they will experience during their journey … in the first eight weeks of their lives.

Tamaruke owners report that their puppies are calm and confident when they arrive at their forever home.

A consistent, quality pedigree puppy

A consistent, quality pedigree puppy

Our puppies arrive with a full pedigree, microchip form, vaccination card and de-sexing certificate.

All breeding dogs have a veterinary assessment,  have hip x-rays, elbow x-rays and full blood culture – before they are considered for breeding purposes.

Our Tamaruke Breeding Program has always been carried out with passion for the health and wellbeing of each and every animal under our care, professionalism to achieve the best for our bloodlines and the families they will be living with and with consideration of the future of the Tamaruke breed.


It’s easy to ship a Tamaruke puppy to Asia

It’s easy to ship a Tamaruke puppy to Asia

Shipping one of our gorgeous Tamaruke puppies to Asia is an easy, efficient and seamless process.


We make all the shipping arrangements for you. Puppies remain with us until they are of age to travel to their new country.  

Many people are concerned about shipping their puppy but be assured that any puppy which is to be shipped is well prepared for the journey with exposure to the sounds they will encounter at the airport (played via CD) and are fully crate trained.   

We also prefer pet-friendly airlines.

Your Tamaruke puppy will arrive confident and relaxed.

Import permits

If your country requires an import permit we utilise the services of professional, world-class shipping agents who will act on your behalf, apply for the permit, clear the puppy through customs on your end and deliver it to your door.  

How do I purchase my Tamaruke?

1. Request your information pack.

1. Request your information pack.

After you send us an enquiry using the form below we’ll send you out an information pack that explains what is so unique about the Tamaruke breed, what’s included in the price of your puppy, as well as shipping, import/export information and lifetime advice on preparing, training, caring for and feeding your Tamaruke.  

In your application, you make preferences on size, gender, colour etc.

2. Reserve your very own Australian bred Tamaruke puppy

Once you decide to go ahead, you fill in an application form and pay a deposit.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have at this stage about the import process for your puppy and preparing to bring a Tamaruke into your family.

3. When a puppy is born to suit your preferences...

3. When a puppy is born to suit your preferences...

…and you are next on the list, we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements.  Some people are very specific in their colour, gender preference and other people are more flexible. The more flexible people are in their colour and/or gender preferences the sooner a puppy will be available.

4. e-Meet your new Tamaruke puppy

We’ll send you litter photos and updates, including growth and development assessments conducted on all of the puppies by our on-site vet.

5. Shipping agent

5. Shipping agent

Your dedicated pet-shipping agent will:

> Organise all required export, import and/or transit health certificates, licences or permits that must accompany the shipment.

> Make sure your pet has been properly prepared for international travel.

> Lodge completed Live Animal International Booking Request, Shipper’s Certificate for Live Animals, and Acknowledgement and Indemnity for Shipments of Animals forms.

Getting your Tamaruke puppy home-bound

Getting your Tamaruke puppy home-bound

When we get your Tamaruke ready for its journey, it will have already passed a full vet check by our on-site vet.

Your Tamaruke puppy will arrive at its final destination with:

  • full pedigree
  • vaccination card
  • de-sexing certificate
  • microchip identification form

You also receive our full support and advice for the life of your Tamaruke.

Your puppy will have also started:

  • Crate Training
  • Toilet training on grass which provides a headstart on toilet training
  • Socialisation – exposed to many varied sights and sounds, ensuring they are confident prior to arriving at their new home

This assists with house training and integration into the home.

We have shipped puppies to many happy families in Asia.

Read their stories here.

If you’d like to find out more about buying an Australian bred Tamaruke and shipping to your home in Asia contact us.

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Tamaruke – The Breed to suit every need !!

If you are interested in owning a Tamaruke, in the first instance please complete and submit the form here. We will review your enquiry and be in touch as soon as possible with regards to the availability of a puppy that fits your requirements.

The more flexible you are, the less time you will likely need to wait for a suitable Tamaruke to be available. Please also remember certain conditions apply for dogs provided on the Guardian breeding program.

We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley close to Branxton and welcome inspections and puppy viewing by appointment only.

Detailed driving instructions can be provided upon request.

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