Tamaruke's are Easy to Train

Tamaruke's are Easy to Train

We have selectively bred all of our Tamarukes to the highest standards for almost 30 years, ensuring all our Tamaruke puppies will be gentle and friendly, playful and happy and intelligent. These character traits also mean that unlike many other breeds, Tamaruke’s are very easy to train if the right techniques are used when training and socialised.

Your Tamaruke puppy begins its training as soon as possible at Ellington , well before you take it home. We expose your puppy to as many sights, smells and sounds as possible during this crucial early socialisation period, helping them to adjust more easily to any new environment or new experiences they will encounter out in the wider world.

We also get a head start on toilet training by ensuring your puppy is already accustomed to “toileting” on grass before you take them home. This training method has been very successful, with almost all of our families having no issues with toilet training their puppies.

Your Tamaruke puppy also comes with its own guide for training, feeding and general care. And whether you’re welcoming a companion puppy, a Guardian puppy, or a therapy or assistance dog into your life, at Ellington we provide you with advice and support for the life of your dog. Note: we can’t be responsible for training outcomes

How do I train my Tamaruke?

As the saying goes. “a well-trained dog is a happy dog” and luckily Tamaruke puppies respond particularly well to training from a very young age. We recommend you locate an experienced and reputable trainer to assist you with training and socialisation.
We also provide details of recommended trainers to assist you.

Puppy school or obedience training classes.

These classes are a great place to let your puppy safely socialise with other dogs and meet other local dog owners with similar-age puppies. Obedience classes are run by a professional trainer who will not only help you teach your puppy the basics, but they’ll also provide you with tips and tricks you can use at home.


Regular exercise keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated, provides plenty of opportunity for sniffing and meeting other people and dogs, as well as preventing boredom. Whether you take your dog to an off-leash park or simply go for a walk, regular exercise is crucial for the mental and physical health of your dog and it also provides you with a great opportunity to train your dog in important commands such as fetch, come, drop the ball, leave it, and stay, as well as how to loose-lead walk.

Activity toys.

Because Tamarukes are naturally intelligent, they really benefit from mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation.

You can play hide and seek with a toy or a ball or choose from a number of dog toys that will provide a treat when your puppy figures out how to work them.

Toilet training.

We begin toilet training your puppy before they come home to live with you and we also provide information on toilet training in our information guide. If you need any further help ask your local professional trainer during puppy school or contact us.

Crate training.

If you live overseas we can ship your dog to you and we will begin crate training your Tamaruke for you at 6-7 weeks of age to minimise any stress during transportation.

Time Poor or Inexperienced in Training Dogs?

Time Poor or Inexperienced in Training Dogs?

If you’re short of time or experience we can help you train your Tamaruke. We can help to organise to have your dog trained for you by our recommended Certified Experienced Dog Trainer/Handler.

He is experienced with all breeds and has a lifetime of experience training many disciplines of training such as Therapy and Assistance Dogs, Personal Protection, Drug Detection, Bomb Detection, Obedience and Agility.

With the ability to train obedience to any level, complex tasks and assisting with Dog Behaviour issues, He is able to provide in-house training or assist you with training your Tamaruke yourself.

The training style and techniques are very practical and effective to ensure you receive the best outcome for your dog.

Additional training

Additional training

This is professional training offered to assist a family/person who will benefit from having a Tamaruke trained to a certain level which is discussed personally at that time.

Our recommended certified, experienced and passionate trainers are able to train to any level required – from basic crate training and some socialisation to a fully trained pup.

The training must prepare the dog to be reliable, stable and comfortable in many varied and unexpected situations.

Puppy lives in the home with the trainer and has constant monitoring, care and training to enable them to best benefit you after they leave us.

Training and Socialisation is a 24 hour per day – 7 days per week process.

Please be mindful that a puppy is only able to retain “age appropriate” training – which means an additional one month training with an 8-10 week old puppy will not be as beneficial as three months additional training – a Puppy can only learn to the age appropriate ability and are not able to retain complex task training until they are mature enough to do so. Should you want, need additional training for your puppy  – the duration of training you decide upon is entirely up to you.


A Lifetime of Support and Advice

A Lifetime of Support and Advice

The good news is, if you invest some time in training your Tamaruke, you will be richly rewarded with the most wonderful family dog.

At Ellington we provide you with our support and advice ongoing – should you need to ask us any management questions.

In fact, over 50% of our clients are returning Tamaruke owners, coming back for their second puppy because they’ve fallen in love with this loving and highly trainable breed.

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