Tamaruke Therapy and Assistance Dogs Are Saving Lives

Tamaruke Therapy and Assistance Dogs Are Saving Lives

Posted by Tamaruke on July 3, 2017

Many people already know that Tamarukes make very special companion animals, however official recognition from the International Fund For Animal Welfare in awarding a Sydney dog, Tamaruke Dylan Tasker, with the prestigious title of Pet Of The Year highlights the incredible abilities of our therapy and assistance dogs.

Meet Tamaruke Dylan

On Wednesday, 21 November, 2012, one of our therapy and assistance puppies, Four-year-old miniature Tamaruke Dylan, was returning home after enjoying a walk with Amaya Tasker, his owner.

However, instead of sprinting to his front door, as he usually did, Tamaruke Dylan made a detour to instead stand outside a neighbour’s unit.

“He just wouldn’t stop barking,” says Amaya. “No matter how many times I called him, Dylan refused to budge. I realised something must be terribly wrong and so I decided to investigate.”

It quickly became very clear to Amaya that her elderly neighbour had collapsed inside her unit. Police, ambulance and firefighters were duly called to break into the apartment before treatment at Manly Hospital ensued.

A world first for the International Fund for Animal Welfare

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) spokesperson, Ms McCrea, acknowledged the part Tamaruke Dylan played in saving his neighbour’s life.

“Through Dylan’s vigilance, Norma Nolan, Dylan’s neighbour was found sooner rather than later and was able to receive treatment in hospital which has led to her speedy recovery,” said Ms McCrea.

“It would appear that Dylan and Norma had struck up a friendship with regular visits to the care home that Norma is recuperating in! Our awards normally recognise the outstanding contribution of a human to animal welfare; in this instance we’re recognising Dylan the wonder dog’s contribution to human welfare – well done Dylan.”

Dylan was the recipient of the very first Pet of the Year award, and is one of ten heroes across Australia to receive an IFAW accolade. The winners are chosen from Australia–wide nominations from friends, family and work colleagues of people who do exceptional work to benefit wild or domestic animals.

“We hope that by highlighting some of these exceptional people and animals, more Australians will acknowledge and respect the important part that animals play in our shared world,” Ms McCrea said.

Read more about Tamaruke Dylan.

Meet Tamaruke Maximus

Tamaruke Dylan is not the only Tamaruke to have saved a person’s life.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Tamaruke assistance dog Max was attending a dinner with his owner Adele.

“At the beginning of the meal, our elderly host, Phil, quietly left the table and went into the bathroom ‘to avoid the embarrassment (as he described it later)’ of having got a large piece of corned beef stuck in his throat,” says Adele.

“He struggled in the bathroom, trying with no luck to dislodge it. Out of character, Max went into the bathroom with Phil and would not leave his side. Phil told me later that Max left him only a few times and came right back into the bathroom to be with him.

“It took some time for me to realize that Max was legitimately asking me for help, because I was conditioned to believe that Max would ask for help for only me and for no one else, because he is my assistance dog and no one else’s.

“Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Max was clearly and directly asking me for help with Phil, and we now see that Max alerts for anyone whom he sees needs help. Now that we know that, we see what a huge responsibility it is to take him into public.

“Later in the evening, when we discovered Max guarding Phil in the bathroom, Phil said, ‘Max left my side only to find help; he kept coming back for me until he brought help with him.’”

Thanks to Max, Phil was transported by ambulance to the Emergency Room and had surgery the next day to remove the meat from his oesophagus and has since made a total recovery.

Tamarukes are making a difference in the community every day

At Tamaruke, we prepare and train our dogs for Therapy and assistance work through our not-for-profit organisation, Taloodles. Our amazing Tamaruke Dogs not only save lives…

…they also provide comfort, companionship and love to many children and adults in Schools Aged Care Facilities, Special Needs Facilities and Hospitals.

We would love to hear from you and find out how we can help make your family’s life more fulfilling or enrich the life of an individual who would benefit from a Tamaruke therapy dog.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of having one of our therapy and assistance Tamarukes, please contact us.