Guardian Program (For our Breeding Dogs)

Providing Our Breeding Dogs with a Forever Family of Their Own

Providing Our Breeding Dogs with a Forever Family of Their Own

Our Tamaruke Guardian Program is our way ensuring our breeding dogs receive the love and affection of a forever family of their very own.

It is our way of considering the dog, not only what we produce from them.

Our Guardian puppies are not offered for sale because they remain with their guardian family forever – they are offered to approved homes at no cost at 8 weeks of age via application.

How can I become a Tamaruke Guardian?

How can I become a Tamaruke Guardian?

If you’re interested in becoming a Tamaruke Guardian, firstly contact us using the form below and we’ll send you information about our application and interview process.

Once you’re approved, you’ll then sign a legally binding contract and we’ll provide all the information and support you need to become a Tamaruke Guardian family.

As soon as a suitable puppy becomes available we’ll let you know and you’ll get to take them home with you at 8 weeks of age to become part of your family.

Please note that the Guardian Puppies/Dogs will have one name only – agreed to by both the breeder and the guardian.

What does it cost to become a Tamaruke Guardian?

What does it cost to become a Tamaruke Guardian?

Our Guardian puppies, both male and female, are offered free of charge to approved Guardian families at 8 weeks of age.

Your Guardian puppy will be microchipped, wormed and vaccinated at absolutely no cost to you.

Because our breeding standards at Tamaruke are so high, we breed only from fully health-tested dogs. This means your Guardian puppy will be fully assessed for free by our vet before we proceed with any breeding.

Tamaruke will pay for hip and elbow evaluations by a specialist radiologist, as well as any DNA profiles conducted. And we are responsible for any veterinary costs associated with breeding.

And then, at the end of your Guardian dog’s breeding life, Tamaruke will also desex your dog for you totally free of charge at our on-site vet clinic.

Your financial commitment to your Guardian dog includes the usual day-to-day and veterinary expenses related to normal dog ownership (excluding any breeding-specific veterinary procedures), such as food, training, grooming, boarding/daycare/walking and any other veterinary expenses (as per your Guardian contract).

The Guardian Dog is not available for purchase should you change your mind after taking delivery.

Female Guardian Program

Female Guardian Program

Your Guardian contract requires the dog be delivered to Tamaruke to breed and then again to whelp (give birth).

She is delivered to us when she is in season (they generally cycle every 6 months and is evident with bleeding) and then retrieved when she has completed her cycle which is generally 10-14 days.

She returns to us 7 days prior to her due date and she remains until her litter is 4-5 weeks of age and weaned. The gestation period for females is 63 Days (9 weeks).

We always endeavor to assist in any way possible with travel or pickup
It needs to be noted that the female ‘can’ cycle on any day of the week when she is mature enough, you may be required to deliver her midweek.

This process is repeated for 1- 3 litters (maximum) – and we cover the cost of de-sexing upon completion of breeding.

When your dog returns to Tamaruke to whelp she is in the safest possible hands. All our female Guardian mum’s have their own private birthing suite where their Guardian family is welcome to visit them and spend time with them while they are with their babies – after she has settled into being a mum.

Not only do we have almost 30 years experience in breeding and developing this amazing breed, but we also operate a private veterinary clinic on-site to ensure the very best of care is given to all adults and puppies that are under our care – with no risk of outside cross-contamination.

In fact, we are the only breeder to be licensed by the NSW Veterinary Board to operate a private veterinary clinic – which is licensed by our amazing vet

Male Guardian Program

Male Guardian Program

Tamaruke male Guardian puppies need to live closer to Ellington (we are located near Branxton in the Hunter Valley) because we need them more regularly and we like to be able to pick them up and take them home on the same day if possible. We also need our male Guardian dogs to be available at short notice mid-week, because we never know when Mother Nature is going to call.

Our male Guardian dogs are used for breeding more frequently than the female Guardians, but their stay is much shorter. Generally the male dogs can return home on the same day that we use them, so there is generally no need for overnight stays.

And just like we do with our female Guardian dogs, once your male Guardian dog’s breeding days are behind him, we desex him for you free of charge at our on-site veterinary clinic before we return him to you.

Would you like to be part of our Guardian Program?

Would you like to be part of our Guardian Program?

At Ellington we pride ourselves on the quality and size of our breeding program, which has enabled us to develop and maintain the Tamaruke breed “gold standard”.

We’re always looking for loving families to give our breeding dogs the forever home they deserve.

The Guardian program allows families to help us develop our breed, while affording them to chance to adopt one of these beautiful dogs free of charge.

And it also allows us to keep up with the increasing demand for our dogs, knowing that all of our breeding dogs are part of a loving family environment.

If you’d like to become part of our Guardian Breeding Program our Tamaruke puppies come in a huge variety of sizes and colours, including the Paddy Melon Tamarukes, especially suitable for people looking for a smaller dog.

Please note, you must be within travelling distance of our facilities to become part of the Guardian Breeding Program as Guardian puppies are returned to us for breeding.

Contact us for more information.

Tamarukes are unique in so many ways

Tamarukes are unique in so many ways

The Tamaruke breed has been under development and professionally bred for almost 30 years – they are consistent in temperament, non-shedding allergy friendly coat, and trainable, loyal loving personality

Tamarukes are a purpose-bred breed of dog.

Tamaruke’s breeding program has always been carried out with passion for the health and wellbeing of each and every animal under our care…  professionalism to achieve the best can for our bloodlines and the families they will be living with… and with consideration of the future of our Tamaruke breed.

We have proudly changed the lives of many Special Needs Children (ASD) and others suffering PTSD –  with our Therapy Dogs/Puppies.

We are proudly licensed to operate a Private Veterinary Clinic onsite. Our Veterinary Clinic is solely for the purpose of our puppies and dogs – to ensure they receive the very best care possible 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Our Guardian Program ensures all of our breeding dogs receive the love and devotion of their own family for their entire lives and are not housed in kennels for their short breeding career.

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Tamaruke – The Breed to suit every need !!

If you are interested in owning a Tamaruke, in the first instance please complete and submit the form here. We will review your enquiry and be in touch as soon as possible with regards to the availability of a puppy that fits your requirements.

The more flexible you are, the less time you will likely need to wait for a suitable Tamaruke to be available. Please also remember certain conditions apply for dogs provided on the Guardian breeding program.

We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley close to Branxton and welcome inspections and puppy viewing by appointment only.

Detailed driving instructions can be provided upon request.

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