Colours & Sizes

The Tamaruke Breed is available in many varied colours and shades – combines with the amazing coat quality and temperament of the breed so we recommend you try and be as flexible as possible when considering the colour to shorten the waiting time.

There really is a Tamaruke to suit everyone’s taste and size requirements.

Tamarukes are available anywhere from Miniature to Standard – we breed for specific size , we also breed a much smaller dog which is a specialised version of the Tamaruke called a Tamaruke Paddy Melon. The Paddy Melon has all of the identical characteristics of the larger sizes – just in a smaller package 🙂


Tamaruke Sizes

Tamaruke Sizes

The following chart shows the ideal weight and height range your Tamaruke will reach as a fully grown dog (by approximately 18 months of age).

Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Height(inches)
Miniature: 7—12 15—25 15—17
Medium: 13—20 30—45 17—20
Standard: 23—30 50—65 21—24

Tamaruke Paddy Melons are even smaller than the miniature Tamarukes, growing no larger than 10-11 inches (25-28cm) high when fully grown, making them particularly suitable if you live in an apartment or if you prefer a smaller dog.

Tamaruke Colours

Apricot Tamaruke

The coat of an apricot Tamaruke will be a rich dark gold that resembles the colour of the inside of an apricot.

The colour will be even throughout the coat, with the roots no lighter than the rest of the coat. Their nose pigment will be black.

Black Tamaruke

A black Tamaruke will have an even black pigment colour throughout the coat, with no white or silver.

Their nose pigment will also be black.

Cafe Tamaruke

Cafe Tamarukes start out as chocolate puppies but their colour changes to a milk coffee “cafe latte” colour from approximately 10 months of age.

Their nose pigment will be chocolate.

Caramel Tamaruke

A caramel Tamaruke is denoted by a chocolate nose and the caramel shade of the coat, which may vary from a creamy caramel to a more golden caramel.

Chalk Tamaruke

The lightest colour of all the Tamarukes and closest to a pure white, chalk Tamarukes are generally a very pale cream colour, almost an off-white. The nose pigmentation is black.

Chocolate Tamaruke

Chocolate Tamarukes have a uniform chocolate brown colour throughout their coat, with some fading allowed, and they can appear almost black in colour as a puppy.

Their nose pigmentation will also be chocolate coloured.

Cream Tamaruke

This colour is darker than chalk with slight gold highlights, especially on the ears and the face.

The nose pigmentation will be black.

Gold Tamaruke

Gold Tamarukes are a solid yellow or golden colour over their entire body and their nose pigment will be black.

Lavender Tamaruke

Lavender Tamarukes are born chocolate and fade later to a lavender or almost purple shade.

Their nose pigment will be chocolate.


A Parti-Tamaruke will have at least 50% of their coat white, however the rest of the coat can be any colour variation.

They will have distinct patches of two colours, such a white with chocolate, black, gold or cream.

Their nose pigment will be Black or Chocolate.

Phantom Tamaruke

Phantom Tamarukes have shades of colour through the coat, around the muzzle, front and back legs/paws, and under the tail.

Their main coat can be any colour and their nose pigmentation will be the standard colour that goes with the main colour of their coat.

Red Tamaruke

Red Tamarukes have a solid colour of mahogany or burgundy and their roots are the same colour.

Their nose pigment can be either black or chocolate.

Not sure what size or colour Tamaruke is for you?

Not sure what size or colour Tamaruke is for you?

Regardless of the colour or size of Tamaruke you prefer, you can be assured that all of our Tamaruke puppies are bred from parents who have undergone the highest standards of genetic testing and history possible.

Whether you’re after a companion puppy, a guardian puppy or a therapy dog, why not make an appointment to visit us and see these beautiful dogs in all their different sizes and multicoloured glory for yourself?

We’re located in the beautiful Hunter Valley, just two hours north of Sydney. We always welcome visitors to Tamaruke and we’d be delighted to show you around.

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