Paddy Melon Tamarukes

What is a Paddy Melon Tamaruke?

What is a Paddy Melon Tamaruke?

A Paddy Melon Tamaruke is specialised size of Tamaruke. In fact, it is the smallest type of Tamaruke available.

Paddy Melon Tamarukes are unique to us.

We have purpose-bred and developed this breed and we are the only breeder of Paddy Melons in the world.

And all of our Tamaruke puppies (including Paddy Melons) are bred from healthy happy parents who have been professionally assessed and undergone x-rays for hips/elbows prior to being considered for breeding .

What Makes A Paddy Melon Different From Other Types Of Tamaruke?

What Makes A Paddy Melon Different From Other Types Of Tamaruke?

A Paddy Melon Tamaruke is everything you love about a Tamaruke, only smaller.

At Tamaruke we have bred the Paddy Melon to be no larger than 10-14 inches (25-32cm) high when fully grown.


Not just another

Not just another "toy dog"

A Tamaruke Paddy Melon is not just another “toy dog”.

Our Paddy Melons feature all the best qualities of a larger sized Tamaruke – qualities that really make them the perfect pet:

• loving, loyal nature
• low-allergy coat
• no doggy odour
• friendly and intuitive temperament
• naturally intelligent and easily trained

At Ellington we love these little “pocket rockets” and it seems the rest of the world has fallen for them too, because orders fill quickly for this highly desirable breed, especially from overseas markets where high-rise living necessitates a smaller-sized dog with an easy-going temperament.

Can I Order a Paddy Melon if I Live Overseas?

Can I Order a Paddy Melon if I Live Overseas?

At Ellington – many of our Paddy Melons (as well as other sizes of Tamaruke) often find their forever families overseas, so we’re fully set up for, and experienced in, safely and securely delivering our precious puppies to their new homes, wherever they are in the world.

If you’re thinking about importing a Paddy Melon (or any other kind of Tamaruke companion dog) to one of the 22 overseas destinations we send our puppies to (including Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong), we will make all shipping arrangements for you. We also provide the option of a door-to-door delivery service, so you don’t have to worry about applying for the import permit yourself.

All of our puppies who are going to live overseas are crate trained at 6-7 weeks of age before they come to you, ensuring a stress-free trip. We can also organise for your puppy to receive additional training to the level you require from one of our qualified trainers before we ship them to your home.

To find out more about our unique little Paddy Melon Tamarukes in the first instance please submit the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.

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