How to train your Tamaruke puppy

How to train your Tamaruke puppy

Posted by Tamaruke on May 26, 2017

Tamaruke puppies are one of the most rewarding breeds for pet owners.

They are affectionate, gentle and just plain adorable – not to mention full of energy and naturally intelligent. Their loving temperament makes them an ideal pet and especially perfect to interact with children. All of these traits also make them eager to learn and wonderful candidates for obedience training.

Why it’s important to train your Tamaruke

It is especially important to train Tamarukes, otherwise all of that delightful energy will burst forth with no direction or purpose. Tamaruke puppies with too much uncontrolled energy might seem fun at first but you will enjoy your pet more over the long term if you invest some time in training upfront.

The good news is that your efforts will be richly rewarded. Tamaruke puppies are very intelligent and they respond particularly well to training from a very young age.

Helpful training tips

Here are some helpful tips you can use to make sure your puppy respects you as much as you love them:

Obedience training classes are a great place to start; a professional can not only teach your puppy the basics, but also give you tips and tricks to use at home. Classes are also a good place to socialise your puppy with other dogs, especially important to encourage their friendly attitude and ensure positive experiences in future uncontrolled environments (such as when taking your puppy for a walk in the park).

Exercise may not be technically classed as training, but regularly exercising your puppy makes a change in their environment and interactions, which is important.

Activity toys are a great idea for Tamarukes, because they are so clever they will benefit from the mental stimulation as well as exercise. There are a number of dog toys that will provide a treat when your puppy figures out how to work them out.

Not unlike children, a puppy will match and sometimes exceed your energy levels, so it is important to lower your own levels to a relaxed pace, especially when indoors.

Looking for ongoing advice and support on training?

When you purchase a puppy from Tamaruke, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information, ongoing support and helpful advice on the best way to raise your puppy, for the life of your puppy.

And as part of our ongoing lifetime of support and advice for our Tamaruke community, we also provide the option of additional obedience training with our certified dog trainer and handler, Linda Cause.

Linda is experienced with all breeds and has a lifetime of experience training many animals both large and small, and is also a qualified and experienced Emmett Technique Practitioner and Trainer.

With the ability to train obedience to any level, complex tasks and assisting with Dog Behaviour issues, Linda is able to provide in-house training or assist you with training your Tamaruke yourself.

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