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Could Tamaruke really be “puppy heaven”?

Could Tamaruke really be “puppy heaven”?

Our clients and our dogs certainly think so! And we like to agree.

Tamaruke puppies enjoy the very best possible start in life because we’ve designed Ellington specifically around the wellbeing of all our dogs.

Located in the picturesque Hunter Valley, just two hours drive north of Sydney, Ellington is set on 27 acres of park-like farmland, providing a secure, stimulating and spacious environment.

We welcome all potential Tamaruke owners to visit our world-class facilities, which include a fully licensed veterinary hospital .

Our Guardian program ensures all of our breeding dogs are housed with their very own forever family from 8 weeks of age, returning to Ellington only briefly for breeding purposes, and for no more than three litters. This ensures that all of our dogs are never housed in a kennel environment, and when you visit Ellington, you will see only Guardians holidaying for breeding purposes.

At Ellington, we’re proud of our Tamaruke breed, we’re proud of our establishment, we’re proud of our staff – and we’re exceptionally proud of our business model that always puts the welfare of the dog first.

World’s only breeder with a fully licensed veterinary hospital and a private vet 24/7

World’s only breeder with a fully licensed veterinary hospital and a private vet 24/7

We are extremely proud to have a private veterinary hospital located onsite and our own private vet.

Worming is carried out on all our puppies at two-week intervals. Our very own vet, Dr Chris , is available to us at all times and he administers all the vaccinations, as well as microchipping and de-sexing (of all non-breeding puppies) at 7 weeks of age.

Early de-sexing of puppies is in no way detrimental to their health or growth and is a completely ethical procedure on a puppy of this age, carried out by a fully qualified and highly experienced veterinarian.

we are proud of our world-class facilities where we care for and selectively breed our Tamarukes to the standard they are today, so you can be assured that you are receiving a puppy that has been bred from only the best..

Dr Chris is also on hand 24/7 to assist any of our Guardian dogs with the birthing process, as well as for any other veterinary procedures that may be necessary.

World-class facilities, protocols and procedures

World-class facilities, protocols and procedures

At Ellington we have developed our world-class facilities, protocols and procedures based on almost 30 years of breeding knowledge and experience. These standards have enabled us to afford all our puppies the very best possible start to their lives, ensuring they are well socialised and confident.

All of our Tamaruke dogs and puppies are country bred and raised and they have daily interaction with our family and our staff, as well as socialisation with children.

They enjoy lots of space to run, they play in the water, and they interact with us in our day-to-day lives.

Our enclosed facilities are fully air-conditioned and serviced and maintained to the highest standards daily by our loving and dedicated team. Ellington is a wonderful environment for all our dogs and puppies, and we’d love you come and see it too. If you’d like to see for yourself why so many Tamaruke owners (and their dogs!) consider Ellington to be puppy heaven, contact us.