Companion Pet Puppies

Looking for a companion puppy for your family?

Looking for a companion puppy for your family?

Charlotte McGrath has selectively and professionally developed our amazing Tamaruke breed for nearly 30 years. Our Tamarukes are unique in so many ways and considered a breed of their own.

Regardless of which colour or size of Tamaruke you prefer, you can be assured that all of our Tamaruke puppies are bred from parents who have undergone the highest standards of genetic testing and history possible.

Our Tamarukes really do make the perfect pet, due to their:

• loving, loyal nature,
• low-allergy, non-shedding coat,
• no doggy odour,
• friendly and intuitive temperament,
• natural intelligence, and
• ability to be easily trained.

In fact over 50% of our buyers are return owners wanting another Tamaruke to join their family!

How do I purchase my very own Tamaruke?

There are actually three different ways you can enjoy a beautiful Tamaruke of your very own.

You can become part of our Guardian Program and adopt one of our breeding dogs into your forever family home; you can apply for a therapy or assistance dog if you have special needs; or you can purchase one of our companion puppies.

If you’d like to enquire about purchasing one of our companion puppies, this is how our application process works.

1. Receive Your information Pack

After you send us an enquiry using the form below we’ll send you out an information pack that explains what is so unique about the Tamaruke breed, what’s included in the price of your puppy, as well as lifetime advice on preparing for, training, caring and feeding your Tamaruke.

2. Pay Us a Visit

If you live close enough to us (we’re located in the Hunter Valley, just two hours north of Sydney), you’re welcome to visit by appointment to see our world-class facilities, including our on-site veterinary clinic and start-of-the-art birthing facilities all located in an idyllic rural setting.

Although we don’t keep a lot of the dogs on-site, you’ll be able to see enough to help you choose the size and colour of the Tamaruke you might prefer — we have lots of pretty pictures on this website to help you too! Just keep in mind that we can only control Mother Nature to a certain extent, so if you are very specific about colour and size you might have to wait a little longer for that perfect puppy!

3. Reserve Your Very Own Tamaruke

Once you decide to go ahead, you fill in an application form and pay a deposit. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have at this stage about preparing to bring a Tamaruke into your family.

4. Take a Look at Your Litter

We’ll call you once a litter is born to discuss your requirements and allocate you a place in the litter.

We’ll send you litter photos and updates, including growth and development assessments conducted on all of the puppies by our on-site vet.

5. Come and Meet Your Puppy

At 6-7 weeks, we’ll allocate you a puppy, send you individual photos of your puppy and you finally can come and meet him or her for yourself. We don’t allocate individual puppies until they are 7 weeks of age and we have ensured that they are fully weaned, assessed for growth and development, and had a full health check by our vet.

6. Take Your Tamaruke Home

By 8 weeks of age your puppy will be fully weaned, already started toilet training, and ready to come home with you. If you can’t pick up your puppy in person we are happy to arrange any necessary shipping or transport. We ship our Tamarukes to 22 countries, utilising the services of a professional, world-class shipping agent.

Bringing your puppy home

Bringing your puppy home

When you collect your Tamaruke puppy they will have already passed a full vet check by our on-site vet and be:

• first vaccination (or as needed to travel overseas),
• microchipped,
• fully wormed,
• desexed, and a full vet check by our own on-site vet.

You will need to register your puppy with your local council and take him or her to your vet for further vaccinations and health assessments. Your puppy will have Started being socialized from an early age and exposed to a variety of sights and sounds prior to them leaving Tamaruke, assisting in confidence and being accepting of changes and new experiences in their daily lives.

We recommend you begin puppy class or obedience training as soon as possible to continue to further socialise and train your puppy and give them the best chance of success.

Because your puppy will be already start being accustomed to “toileting” on grass at Ellington, it provides you with a head start on toilet training.

In fact, we find that almost all of our families have virtually no issues with toilet training.

If you’re unable to collect your puppy in person, we can arrange delivery with a professional courier. This ensures your puppy is delivered safely to you with minimal stress.

A lifetime of support and advice

A lifetime of support and advice

For the life of your Tamaruke we provide you with all the support and advice you need.

We also have an amazing community of Tamaruke owners on our Facebook page and we hold regular Social Romp days at Ellington, which are incredibly popular with our owners’ community.

If you need boarding or training for your Tamaruke, we’ve got that covered too and can recommend the very best Boarding for your Tamaruke should you need to leave him/her in care.
We also have recommendations for excellent effective and experienced trainers   whom can offer you their expertise and experience to assist you in socialising and training a well balanced and social puppy which you will enjoy for many years.

We know you’re going to love the special qualities of our unique Tamarukes. In fact, if our statistics are anything to go by, you’re more likely than not to be coming back for a second Tamaruke some time in the near future!

If you’d like to find out more about owning a Tamaruke companion dog, contact us.

Make an Enquiry

Tamaruke – The Breed to suit every need !!

If you are interested in owning a Tamaruke, in the first instance please complete and submit the form here. We will review your enquiry and be in touch as soon as possible with regards to the availability of a puppy that fits your requirements.

The more flexible you are, the less time you will likely need to wait for a suitable Tamaruke to be available. Please also remember certain conditions apply for dogs provided on the Guardian breeding program.

We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley close to Branxton and welcome inspections and puppy viewing by appointment only.

Detailed driving instructions can be provided upon request.

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