Three questions you should ask before you buy a puppy

Three questions you should ask before you buy a puppy

Posted by Tamaruke on April 13, 2017

When you’re trying to decide where to find your new puppy, there are a number of breeders to choose from and an abundance of glossy websites to trawl through.

So how do you tell if a breeder is reputable or not?

Why you should avoid backyard breeders:

A backyard breeder or someone who is only in it for a quick buck will ultimately create heartache for you and your dog in the long run. You won’t get a puppy with the qualities you want and the needs of the breeding dogs are not taken into consideration.

On the other hand, an experienced breeder like Tamaruke ensures their puppies have all the qualities the breed is renowned for.

When you purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder like Tamaruke, you’ll get an animal with a non-shedding coat, a gentle temperament and a fun-loving energy.

The 3 questions you should ask any breeder

If you are considering purchasing a puppy, there are three questions you MUST ask your breeder to ensure you are getting a happy and healthy dog.

1. Does the breeder follow the Australian Labradoodle Association’s (ALA) code of ethics?

The ALA provides minimum guidelines on the health and care of breeding dogs by their breeders. It states that they must be properly fed, housed, exercised and receive the appropriate veterinary care.

2. Have their breeding dogs been checked for genetic disorders and defects?

And just as importantly, do they hold records of these checks, as well as proof of DNA testing? A respected breeder should have no issues providing a buyer with evidence of these documents.

3. Are they happy for you to come and chat with them in person?

There should be no reservations about letting a serious interested party come and visit them before committing to a deposit. It is not uncommon to want to see the conditions their dogs are living in and understand the processes the breeders go through.

It is imperative you ask these questions if you want to find a professional breeder who can guarantee the quality of your new puppy.

Want to know more about the Tamaruke breeding standards?

At Tamaruke we pride ourselves on our transparency and the standard of our breed.

Our Guardian program ensures all of our breeding dogs have a forever home of their own, rather than a life spent in a kennel.

And we are the only breeder in the world with our very own fully registered veterinary hospital on-site.

We welcome you to visit us at any time.

If you have questions about the Tamaruke breed or would like to come and see our dogs, contact us.