What is a Tamaruke?

Setting the gold standard for

Setting the gold standard for "oodles"

The Tamaruke breed is what you expect when you buy a Labrador/Poodle cross…in fact, Tamaruke dogs are the only “oodles” with a guaranteed non-shedding coat.

All of the other breeds are just poodle crossed with another breed or second generation crosses, and unfortunately, these “oodle” breeds usually shed their coats when they are older.

At Tamaruke, we’ve been purpose breeding and developing generations of our beautiful Tamarukes for more than 25 years. In fact, our Tamarukes are unique in so many ways they are actually considered to be a breed of their own.

Our Tamarukes really do make the perfect pet, with their:

• loving, loyal nature,
• low-allergy, non-shedding coat,
• no doggy odour,
• friendly and intuitive temperament,
• natural intelligence, and
• ability to be easily trained.

Regardless of which colour or size of Tamaruke you prefer, you can be assured that all of our Tamaruke puppies are bred from parents who have undergone the highest standards of genetic testing and history possible.

What is the Tamaruke Difference?

We have a proven history of genetic strength

We have a proven history of genetic strength

A Tamaruke is NOT a designer dog.

Our Tamarukes have been purpose bred and developed for more than 25 years. They are a pure breed in their own right, far removed from the common Labrador/Poodle crossbreed, which is so commonly mistaken for a non-shedding dog.

We breed only with dogs that have a proven history of genetic strength so as to lessen the likelihood of any genetic disorders occurring.

Our breeding program is focused on producing an amazing dog with a non-shedding coat that is more suitable for the Australian climate.

We have focused on keeping the coat structure less dense because this allows for easier maintenance while not compromising the benefits of a non-shedding fleece coat. The Tamaruke coat is manageable and easily maintained, yet still hyperallergic.

Many other breeders have attempted to duplicate the Tamaruke, but our Tamarukes are unique in both character and quality.

Over 50% of our Tamaruke buyers are return owners, having fallen in love with this breed’s exquisite, allergy-friendly, non-shedding coats and their highly intelligent and intuitive loving therapy dog temperaments.

Because once you’ve owned a Tamaruke, no other breed will really do.

We’re known as “Puppy Heaven”

We’re known as “Puppy Heaven”

Although we are one of the largest and most established breeders in Australia, our breeding program was not initiated by greed. We only breed to match our orders. The size of our breeding program is necessary to keep up with the increasing demand for this very special breed of dog.

Tamaruke is known by all who visit us as “puppy heaven” – we’re about as far removed from a dreaded puppy farm as a breeder can be! It makes us so sad that many breeders hide behind a glossy website when their facilities are not what they profess. If you intend on purchasing a puppy we believe it’s so important you see for yourself the facilities and the breeding program.

At Tamaruke we welcome visitors. If you’re considering purchasing a Tamaruke, we encourage you to come and see our family-owned world-class facilities and meet our dedicated and experienced staff.

We are the ONLY breeder in the world to be licensed to operate a veterinary clinic on-site.

A veterinary clinic that is solely dedicated and run for the benefit of our Tamarukes.

We’re dedicated to the welfare of all our dogs

We’re dedicated to the welfare of all our dogs

Our Tamaruke Guardian Program is our way ensuring all of our breeding dogs receive the love and affection of a forever family of their very own.

All of our breeding dogs go to live with their very own adopted Guardian family from 8 weeks of age. Our breeding dogs only return to us briefly for breeding purposes, and for no more than three litters.

Our Guardian Program ensures all of our dogs receive the devotion of their own family, meaning they are never housed in a kennel environment. When you visit Tamaruke, you will see only Guardians holidaying for breeding purposes.

Our Guardian puppies are not offered for sale because they remain with their forever guardian family once they have completed their breeding program and are de-sexed.

And all of our puppies and dogs receive the very highest standards of veterinary care 24/7 with our own private on-site vet. Tamaruke is proudly the ONLY breeder of our type to be licensed by the NSW Veterinary Board to operate a private veterinary clinic (under the licence of our amazing vet ) on-site. We are also licensed by our local council, which conducts regular inspections.

We breed therapy dogs that change lives

We breed therapy dogs that change lives

This incredible breed’s unique character and qualities have been developed over 25 years, and it’s these exceptional traits that make them such wonderful therapy dogs, facility dogs, therapy/assistance dogs, medic alert dogs and comfort dogs.

Tamarukes have been proven to be loving, non-judgemental companions who are easy to train, intelligent, intuitive and loving, with allergy-friendly, non-shedding coats.

At Tamaruke we’re proud to see how our specially trained Tamaruke dogs have changed the lives of many special needs children, people with a disability, people with medical conditions and adults or children who are experiencing stress or trauma.